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Dear eXfuze Distributor

For the first time, Wealth 2.0 is releasing proven marketing technology to eXfuze distributors called 'eXfuze Builder,' making lead generation for your eXfuze business a simple, fully-automated, step-by-step process.

Here's the formula:  Build relationships online using eXfuze Builder, and you show them the value of eXfuze membership... by communicating with them in a way that resonates deeply and moves them to action.

It's really that simple.

  • The hungry audiences aren't hiding. 
  • Elbowing your way into the jet-stream of social internet marketing is no secret but takes the right technique and tools. 
  • And once you understand the needs of your target audience, getting distributors on board is flat-out easy using the right tools. 

Question #1:
What can eXfuze Builder do for me?

The first day you open eXfuze Builder you can begin to generate leads and results for your business... making the price of this system nothing more than a brief expense, quickly recovered if you put these tools to use.

Everything from automated:

Facebook, Twitter, Video, Blogging, Lead Capture Page, Email, Contact Management and Text tools are part of this incredible system.

The sad fact is... most network marketers out there (both online and offline)...

...are flying BLIND trying to find and convert
prospects into buyers.

If you do not yet clearly understand how to use automated Marketing and the Internet as your killer tool to find leads...

... you will forever struggle, and likely remain a permanent member in the horde of floundering and worried network marketing business owners clogging the bottom rungs of the food chain out there.

Please allow this Reality Check
to sink in.

Don't get me wrong, there are many people in eXfuze who build a huge downline exclusively using their list and connections, however, unless you know how to leverage marketing automation an the social internet, you are seriously hurting your chances to be very successful with your eXfuze business.

People don't line up like cattle ready to join your eXfuze business overnight.

They buy from you when you've earned their trust... and given them reasons to ACT.

So until you follow a solid strategy,
you don't need another marketing system.

However... you DO need to allow the simple strategies of developing a killer "automated sales conversation" to be developed. (It's painless and fun.)

It doesn't take long to nail this skill (when you have just a little bit of help). 

In fact, it's truly simple to build your brand when you have a set of tools guiding you.

And once you "get" it...

... THEN you will know how getting business done on the Internet, with a guided software tool, is so much easier and more productive than other strategies. -- You will have the juice to start MULTIPLYING your success.

Once this fundamental revelation takes root... you're ready for:

Question #2:
Can you really learn how to do this,
quickly and easily?

The simple answer:  Absolutely, yes, you can.

I've taken the most skeptical... stubborn... hard to teach... clueless... and scared marketers you've ever seen...

... and, through the step-by-step marketing tools we deliver

... swept away any confusion about "marketing" and "selling"... and transformed them into clued-in MASTERS of persuasion finally able to bring home the Big Bucks.

Again, it's not voodoo.

It's a system. The same system we've used for over 14 years to build marketing promotions that produced fortunes for the biggest companies in the world...

... as well as countless entrepreneurs who came to me desperate for help after their 'good enough' marketing proved to be 'good for nothing.'

What I'm offering here is a proven system, broken down into 10+ simple, logical tools that ensure you get the right message out to the right audience...

...every time you sit down and log into eXfuze Builder.

Often, you don't need to use every tool within the system. In fact, most of our biggest "Success Stories" come from users who had sudden "a-HA!" epiphanies -- where everything fell together --  with a single tool, such as the Quick Emailer which sends an interactive landing page view email that compels the recipient to respond and act!

This is easy.  And you can do it at home, at your own pace. 

Easy, easy, easy, easy...

But most importantly, you will learn a repeatable lead generation system that will be in your tool belt for the rest of your career.

Sure, everyone has tried to use "tools" of one kind or another before, but when we saw how incredible the eXfuze Seven+ products are and the amazing commitment the company and its distributors have to changing lives, we knew eXfuze Builder was going to be a smashing success for those looking to build and expand their businesses.

The ball is in your court now.

It's up to you to make the decision to come aboard, and see what the fuss is all about...

... or to walk away, giving in to the nonsensical belief that you can't do this.

What you are about to finally discover with eXfuze Builder is the foundation of every successful business.

It's your turn to get on the inside for a change. This is serious stuff, for people who are serious about achieving success. This should not be a hard decision to make -- you have an opportunity here. 

Order now, while you're thinking about it.  And your adventure in business success can begin right away.

Here's what you will receive:

The Complete eXfuze Builder Solution

  • Social Messenger: Dig into your email and social accounts to immediately get leads and followers. From Facebook to Twitter, this system automates the process so you don't have to sweat it.
  • Video Lead Capture Page: Featuring the eXfuze "Last Product Standing" product comparison video.
  • Automated Email Autoresponder: Follow up with your prospects quickly and easily to drive compel action over time.
  • Craigslist Promoter: The tool that many eXfuze Members are using every day to get leads right now!

  • And for Premium Members:

    The Complete eXfuze Builder Premium Pack

  • Premium Blog: Automated article marketing and follower communication at your fingertips. We create and publish articles about eXfuze for you!
  • Bulk Contact Import Tool: Do you have big lists of contacts you need to import? This is the tool.
  • GreenZilla Opportunity Desktop: This is the ultimate landing page that includes the reservation system for success.... and many more premium tools.

PS: Premium Users will recieve the complete Direct Selling Master Course as part of their training!